Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Review of Forgiving by Lavinia Lewis

Lavinia Lewis has a gentle skilled writing style, which always keeps me nudging the pages over. Set
in Wales, ‘Forgiving’ has a definite air of confidence about it and the words reach out from the page to toy with our fears, emotions and imagination. In keeping with the cover art, Lewis creates a world of ware wolves living near the forestry, and with it she brings a very atmospheric society to life. This is the second book in the series and typically I didn’t read the first (that’s next) but it didn’t detract from my enjoyment of Liam and Aled.

Human, Aled has suffered at the hands of a ware wolf—his late stepfather, and is upset his mother wants to remain with the pack. After a good meeting with the new pack leader, Aled still feels afraid and resentful of pack mentality. Things don’t seem to have got any better when Aled is bitten by a wolf, and he starts turning—not quite what he planned for the future.

The wolf who has bitten Aled is Liam, his mate. Liam has lost his brother and is fighting to overcome grief, which shrouds each day. Aled is the first person to begin lifting the heavy cloak of sadness from Liam. I don’t do spoilers, but the story is not without the Lewis humour even in an emotional ‘dark place’ where the characters find themselves. Can Aled forgive Liam for turning him? If you like a moving story told by a skilled writer, look no further Lewis’ ‘Forgiving’ is all you need …