Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review of The Heart of Texas

The Heart of Texas is one of my favourite stories. It combined an exciting erotic romance with a complex plot. Protagonist, Riley, is likeable despite his Machiavellian manipulation of other characters within the story to being with. Jack on the other hand is the typical cowboy who comes from a warm loving family and is hugely protective of his sister. The themes in the story are far reaching but each time the author is in danger of taking us too far out from the true Romantic element she pulls the story back round to Jack and Riley.

Ideas of love, romance and gay marriage are approached and explored in different ways which is skilfully crafted by an excellent story teller. Love making scenes were strong, progressive and hot, even if some of the ideas pushed the boundaries of what I usually like to read. In many ways the weaknesses of the work were its strengths because despite the few things I disliked, the strong writing skills always kept me turning the pages.  

The strength of the work lies in the characterisation, and the powerful love making scenes. I particularly liked the early stages of the story where the characters fought against their desire for one another. The scene in the car with the storm was rampant, creative and original. Any book written by RJ Scott would be worth reading based on this experience. I will certainly look out for more stories to read by this exciting and talented author. A damned good read!